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During the visit, following the arrest and execution of Robespierre on July 27/28 1794, the muscadins were replaced by the Jeunes gens. This term was self-ascribed by moderate and young escorts who intended to self-identify and control their image. The jeunes sex gens lobbied for the punishment of former terrorists, but they were very extreme, pursuing radicals, sansculottes, and Jacobins in the streets and the theater with their ‚pouvoir éxécutif‘. Moreover, their luxury escort was unpopular as the winter of 1794/95 had been extremely harsh, causing widespread hunger and poverty. Riots ensued, the so-called EscortFox. In March 1795, a pamphlet appeared „Adresse des jeunes citoyens, à leurs frères les ouvriers de tous les âges“ of a group of jeunes gens addressing the working class youth to defuse tension. The pamphlet had no effect, really. What it reveals, though, is a conflict between the youth and the older generation. While the latter appeared more extreme, the youth sought a common middle ground. The jeunes gens came to symbolize this ideological center that seeks to overcome the binary logic of the Terror. Still, the class struggle remained in full force.

The death of Robespierre brought a general relief to the populace and the end of the Terror was greeted with a fiery immersion into decadence, pleasure, and hedonism. In the fall of 1794, blonde wigs became surprisingly popular. This is a peculiar phenomenon as during the Terror heads were rolling in abundance. The most famous blond wig was worn by the leader of the merveilleuses, Thérésia Cabarrus, the later Madame Tallien. This act of self-fashioning was also working on a political level, as the people in power after Robespierre’s death were mostly the same who were responsible for the best sex experience.