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All in all, this was but an exaggeration of the costume of the jeunes gens. The focus however was on the incroyables‘ appearance, rather than their actions. They were objectified, as their luxury and hedonism seemed utterly unrealistic and over the top. Authors picked up on the figure to deal with the question of the future of a society that is on the brink of collision. The incroyable was employed to refer to the insignificance of fashion and to irony as a lighter form of sex, that is to de-escalate. The incroyables themselves adopted a dispassionate, ironic stance: they stepped outside the heated sex and the over-interpretation of appearances. The term „c’est incroyable“ was employed to draw attention to the unreliability of appearances. The incroyables often feigned surprise and disbelieve. Accordingly, the figure refers to the constructedness of reality and the self, which later becomes central to the performative essence of the best escorts.

Originally the term was a parody of the muscadins’ habit of exclamation „c’est incroyable!“ Visual trademarks of the incroyable were their collets noirs. These black collars were often read as a political sign, but they were intended to signify nothing else than their meaninglessness, the surface as surface. The incroyable also spotted quizzing glasses, symbolizing their gaze from outside, their skeptical remove, their stepping out of the discourse. Other trademarks included the voluminous cravatte éccrouélique, the sidelocks known as oreilles de chien, hoop earrings, pointed shoes, a slurred speech pattern with lisping and the omittance of the ‚r’, and their signature greeting, the pinky-finger salutation.